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MJLONIR reviews Kinect Sports

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MJLONIR said...

Kinect Sports came out alongside Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joyride and Kinectimals as the launch games made by Microsoft. This is a multisport game which has Volleyball, Track and Field, Boxing, Table Tennis and Bowling. Each game works well and comes with a good arenas.

First of all, I would like to say the controls are every responsive for me, really helping to make each sport enoyable. Right now, my favorite is probably Boxing. The Boxing is pretty simple to pick up and figure out. Just keep throwing punches and don't stop. Although blocking every now and then isn't a bad idea. I will say sometimes that when playing local multiplayer Kinect will sometimes confuse me with my friend/opponent.

Bowling isn't bad either. Instead of choosing your handiness beforehand, you pick up a ball with the hand you want to use, then set up and roll. Kinect does sense whether you stand still or walk up a couple steps, and I suggest you try doing the latter. It will add some power to your rolls. I think Bowling is also the best game for local multiplayer, where you and your opponent take turns in frames.

Table Tennis took me a minute to understand, but once I got it, it works alright. Your hand becomes the paddle and such, it's probably best if you keep your hand open and as flat as possible. By hitting the ball at different angles, you can apply topspin and backspin. In multiplayer, I have not noticed many difficulties.

The track and Field consists of five events: Javelin, Disc Toss, Sprint and Hurdles. When you do this one, you better expect a workout. This is the most physical one. I sometimes find myself surprised at how much work I seem to have done after it, but that's just me. It's still very fun, though.

Volleyball, for me, is probably my least favorite, not that there's anything wrong with the game itself.

In the end, Kinect Sports also lands itself a good spot in my Kinect library. A lot of the times, my favorite way to play is with friends. But otherwise, not much else to say. Definitely 4 out of 5 stars here.

Game Traits applied to Kinect Sports by MJLONIR

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    other players and friends, Computer AI
  • How it's Played:
    Motion control
  • General Tone:
Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports

Release Date: 04/NOV/10
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